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Special gift wrapping for leather goods

The more you use it, the more lustrous it becomes, and the more you become attached to it, make it a great gift for someone special or a reward for yourself who has worked hard for a year. When the things you use every day become your favorites, that alone makes your life more enjoyable.

This winter, we have prepared a special wrapping for leather accessories for the limited season.

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Special gift wrapping
Amount: 500 yen

Gold foil is put in the original cloth bag using charcoal gray fabric from the special collection “Causeway” that started this autumn. The combination of deep charcoal gray and gold gives a chic impression.
The bag, which uses thick No. 8 canvas, can be used as a pouch for stationery, small items, and gadgets even after opening the package.

From November 11, 2022, we will deliver this special wrapping to customers who wish to gift wrap (+500 yen) to the target leather accessories at the online store.

[How to order gift wrapping]

・Open the [Gift wrapping] tab in the cart and check it.
・If checked, Gift wrapping will be added to the cart and the total price will be updated.
・If you are purchasing multiple items, please let us know which item you would like to wrap in the remarks column of the wrapping.
・This special wrapping is limited in number. As soon as it runs out, it will switch to normal wrapping, so please consider it as soon as possible.
・You cannot order the wrapping bag alone.

Normal wrapping (amount: 500 yen)