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Care & Attention


Each garment washed products looks slightly different in texture.
If you rub a dark colored bag too hard, the color may transfer or fade.
For light stains, squeeze a cloth soaked in water-diluted laundry detergent, put it over the stains and tap it to remove them.
Washing too much can cause problems such as loss of color and shrinkage. Please pay attention to the following how to wash.

・Hand wash in lukewarm water using laundry detergent and rinse thoroughly. Not enough rinsing can cause stains.
・Spin dry in washing machine.
・After spin dry, stretch the winkles quickly and align the shape to its original. ・Dry in Shade.
・Do not tumble dry.
・Do not wash the leather parts. Getting wet can cause loss of color and so on.
    When storing

    Avoid storing in direct sunlight.
    Storage in a humid place may cause mold and stains.
    If the product will not be used for a long period of time, store it in a well-ventilated, shaded area, avoiding places with high temperatures and humidity.


    CARE & ATTENTION for Leather products

    Leather products can be used for a long time depending on how you take care of them, and you will care more about them.
    Please take good care of each leather and use it for a long time.
    As leather is a natural material, the color may fade due to water or friction. Wipe off dust and light dirt with a brush or soft cloth.
    Wipe with leather cleaner, emulsifying cream, and after drying, apply a thin layer of leather preservation cream.

    When storing

    Leaving it dirty or in a place with high humidity can cause mold and stains.
    Clean it thoroughly, fill it with newspaper to keep it in shape, and store it in a well-ventilated place.
    Mold grows when the three elements of dirt, humidity, and temperature are all in place, so excluding one or more of those factors can prevent this to some extent.