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Whilst we wanted something bigger and stronger to carry the work tools and materials, so we decided to make the bags for ourselves. First, I got the popular cotton oxford swatches, but I couldn't get a particularly sharp feel. about how we could create what we wanted from such materials.
What we call "romance" is what is lost in exchange for production efficiency or something else, but that thin canvas which is made in large quantities, was seemed something empty as opposed to the colorful variations. t equipped with anything passion. I'm used to imagining the finished product from a small sample throughout the world of architecture, so from my intuition we decided to daringly review the canvas material itself.

One of the old cotton bags I had was from the time when coal was used in your home, with a dirty black inside. Attracted by its ruggedness, in other words, we decided to make our own coal bag to trace the mind. Some older canvas products have coloured stitches on the edges. We are a generation who knows Selvadge well, and I think it is a good point to look very attractive. Perhaps this was the identity of the loom shop at that time. I was convinced that the development of canvas which I didn't know what to start with, should start from here.

Fortunately, I didn't ask anyone for advice when I looked into the world of textiles where I didn't know anything at all. It's easy to ask for help, but it also lets someone else's feelings add to your senses.
Gambling intuition by nature had guided me to the long-established textile mill. What surprised me when I went there was that the shuttle loom, which was legendary old machine that it hadn't exist nowhere else even if I looked around the world, was roaring and weaving precisely in the big old shed that existed from Pre-World War II.

Selvedge shuttle looms had been overtaken by technological innovations born in Europe and gradually replaced by new machines. And luckily still going well in Far East Japan, the farther away from the epicenter, the smaller the transmitted impact. The old-fashioned machines were able to survive. The shuttle loom is like a hand-woven loom with power added. It has made it possible to drive ultra-high-density woven cloth without changing the traditional mechanism of weaving cotton cloth.

When we first touched our special canvas we noticed how difficult it was to sew, but the progress was so rapid that our first exhibition held just three months later.
One at a time. Cut the canvas and set it up to the walking foot machine. The texture of our canvas is moderately firm and shows a soft touch, will change to a bright texture as it is used for day by day. better with age.

Hope to become a part of the team for your lifestyle beauty.