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About gift wrapping

At the raregem ONLINE STORE, two types of gift wrapping are available.

Gift wrapping ( +¥500)
Gift sticker ( free)

From special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays to gifts you want to give casually, please choose according to the purpose and occasion.
*Please note that we don't have a paper bag for handing over.

Gift wrapping (+¥500)

We made special cotton bags with raregem stamps. We will select the size of the cotton bag to fit your gift.
After opening your gift, we hope you will continue to use this cotton bag to store something small items and clothing.

[How to order gift wrapping]

Gift wrapping (+¥500)

・Open the [Gift wrapping] tab in the cart and check it.
・If checked, Gift wrapping will be added to the cart and the total amount will be updated.
・If you are purchasing multiple items, please let us know which item you would like to wrap in the remarks column.

Gift sticker (free)

It is recommended as a thank you gift or a gift that you want to give casually.
It will be delivered by attaching it to the exterior of the product (transparent bag).

[How to order gift stickers]
Please let us know that you would like a gift sticker in the remarks column in the cart.