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Since we closed shed that roared, we have been delivering items mainly through our online shop, but it has gradually become frustrating.
If you actually hold it in your hand and explain it to the customer, it is possible to add information from various angles. However, there are items that cannot be counted as current products that require language support, stock items and samples with old specifications, items with some stains and scratches, items that have been further modified, etc. Things that are hard to handle on the system... It's been a little bit of a bit of a bit of a little bit of a year and a half.
For the time being, we thought of selling it at the atelier shop, but this time we decided to take on the challenge of holding it online, in order to overcome regional differences and give people in a wider area the same opportunity. bottom. I may not be able to attach detailed product photos, but I would be happy if you could understand because I will write a comment.
We use a lot of original materials and create almost all our products by ourselves, so we do not overproduce or overstock. We don't even have a discount sale on the current product.
Now that we are planning to change the price from August, I would be happy if you could take advantage of this opportunity whether you already have several Rare Gem products or if you are new to it. Love for things outside the norm, apart from the mainstream.
event date
From 17:00 on Friday, July 22 to 9:00 on Monday, July 25
Alternative sale venue in the online shop
Sale details
Discontinued products Remaining few items
Store samples of discontinued products 1 each
Store samples of products with changed specifications 1 each
A few items with scratches and dirt
Several products with different specifications from the official product
important point
・Sale items can only be shipped domestically. Regarding items on Alternative SALE, we only ship within Japan.
・Your order will be confirmed when payment is completed. Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges after the order has been confirmed.
・If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please make the payment by 15:00 on Monday, July 25th. Please note that if payment cannot be confirmed by the due date, the reservation will be cancelled.
・Please refrain from contacting us by phone or e-mail regarding the target products.
・Regarding sale items, one person can order up to 3 items in total. Please note that if you order more than the limit, we will cancel the order after the 4th item.