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About 2WAY TOTE “All Y'all” Dark Navy color transfer

2WAY TOTE "All Y'all"

For the dark navy, the original No. 4 canvas is sulfur-dyed to give it a deep navy blue color.

If you rub dark fabrics strongly, you may worry about color transfer or fading, but the fabric used for Allyor is subjected to high temperature washing after sulfur dyeing. Therefore, there is no color transfer to clothes even in new condition.

About washing

If you are concerned about dirt , we recommend hand washing alone.

The other day, I tried hand washing the parts that were partially sewn in the atelier. I washed it strongly with a brush and checked how much color would fade.

↓ Image after washing hands

Dark colored fabrics will fade little by little due to aging such as sunburn, but the appearance of the navy line woven into the fabric will also change accordingly. If you use it for a long time, the texture of the fabric will come out and it will grow into a nice atmosphere, so please enjoy such changes.

2WAY TOTE “All Y'all” -Regular

2WAY TOTE “All Y'all” - Small