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Come to think of it, I've seen it in movies. A person wearing a canvas vest with many large pockets on the front and back. Cliff Booth of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood smiles wryly at Bruce Lee's ranting, and perhaps he puts in the small equipment necessary for filming, gum, cigarettes, etc. It's a behind-the-scenes role, but in a sense, it's a conspicuous toolbox, an existence that will come when you call for what you need at a certain moment. It's probably an assistant, I think it's pretty useful.
When I think about it in the house, I think it's a function to store only the necessary items without taking up too much depth, like the function of the furniture is reflected on the wall. That's the wall pocket.

I feel that our house is small anyway, but it may be that the things we want to use and the things around them are increasing rapidly. When choosing furniture, I want to choose good ones that can be handed down to the next generation. I'd like to visualize a place near the kitchen where I can put bandages and creams and medicines that are needed during the change of seasons. Just by looking around a little, it seems that there are improvements that can be organized and made easier to use. I also put it on the seat back of my car. I've learned to reach out to the fixed position of the tissue paper with confidence, and I also put a small towel and insect repellent in it. It gets hot inside the car, so I have to be careful with spray cans, but I'd like to choose something to put in depending on the season, such as a melting agent to spray when the windshield freezes in the morning in winter.



Ten pockets : W475mm H580mm
Wooden bar length: 300mm

Five pockets: W275mm H580mm
Wooden bar length: 500mm

Code 2022-013

body Custom-made #4 canvas (100% cotton) ,Custom-made high temperature washed #11canvas (100% cotton)
metal fittings : made of brass, Custom-made brass snap button, Custom-made copper rivets
Bar: wood
Vegetable tanned leather


Ten pockets: 700g
Five pockets: 440g




The tissue cover is removable. Tissues is not included.
Due to the characteristics of the material, there are individual differences in wood grain and color. Please note that it is not possible to choose when ordering.

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Our shipping method is EMS. The shipping charge is calculated based on gross weight. The shipping charges will be added at the time of payment. If for some reason we are unable to ship by EMS, we will change to another shipping company. In that case, we may charge additional shipping fees.

Wall pockets


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