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Work Trousers


It wasn't long before the twin towers were gone. Donut shops on Lafayette Avenue and Fulton Street open early in the morning. Trucks and construction vehicles headed for construction sites were lined up one after another on the street, and I watched them boarding with a small paper bag, and the back of them rushing off with a small paper bag in their mouth. If you are there, you will bump into someone. Everyone is busy.
A black man around the same age as Solihomboy called out to me, and I replied Nevmain. I stood in the street drinking hot coffee from a paper cup, wondering what kind of scene they were going to.
In the busy morning and chilly wind, what left a strong impression on me was their slightly worn pants and jackets. There are holes and lively colors. Perhaps because he has a solid body, the texture of the fabric is also increasing. I think it's a sense of unity with things that have been used tough and familiar.

Please use the work trousers that we release until they are worn out enough to have holes.


When you fasten the button fly, there is a comfortable fit around your stomach. You will feel a relatively loose play from the buttocks to the thighs. This is to cover the beautiful buttocks that are raised high, but this makes it easier to raise the knees and get on and off the stepladder. The hem is almost not tapered and it comes down thick, but this is a specification to prevent wood chips and other things that fall on your feet from entering the shoe.
In the past, I heard that carpenters wore boot-cut jeans with a slit in the back to prevent wood chips from entering, and this led to the spread of flared jeans.
Woodworking work is often exposed to fine wood chips, and people standing in the kitchen have created pockets that prevent dust from entering. As a carpenter, I would be troubled if things fell when I climbed the scaffolding.
Cotton woven in high density with a shuttle loom is flexible and strong. What if it wears out? FIX IT!!

Our trousers are trousers for working people.

Work Trousers are scheduled to go on sale in October
Available in sizes of 28, 30, 32, 34, and 36 inches with a genderless silhouette. looking forward to.