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About Studio Line

The studio line refers to the collection line produced in the atelier.
In 2011, based on the work style of carrying a lot of tools and materials, we started making tool bags.
About six years had passed since I started having craftsmen in Tokyo make leather bags.

Saijo, who clearly set the idea of ​​creating things with one's own hands as his basic philosophy, felt that the process of creating a budding vision, like sculpture, should be done with one's own hands.
My wife, who has a career in fashion, and my aunt, who was in charge of sewing for a high-end maison, entered the world of warp and weft with the desire to create something that we really want to use. It was something.

What we produce is a "custom product" that exists between handcraft and mass-produced products.
Gray fabric woven with a special manufacturing method is tailored one by one by hand cutting and sewing.
The work of proposing the undercurrent of things that we do not want to lose sight of while being fascinated by the materials that guide us is very stimulating.