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Design Brief



Peace of mind with YESSIRE

YES SIREE shopping today. This and another bag contained vegetables and mushrooms. The size is Grande. It's quite heavy for this amount, but it's about 6kg? I made it essential...


When I say purse

ALCOHOLIDAY Yessily's drawstring bag was named "Arcoholiday". It looks like "Bandwagonesque" (TeenageFanclub's 1991 album), but it's too much, so my husband decided to let me hang around with a string,...


The loveliness of surplus cloth

ALCOHOLIDAY YES SIREE A drawstring bag made from parts left over from cutting Yessily. Every time I cut the main body, this shape that always appears, I kept all the...

for 買い物袋難民

for shopping bag refugees

I've always wanted a shopping bag. (Thin, light, and opaque, but with a tightly woven fabric that holds up to its weight and hardness, it does not get cheaply wrinkled...