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OD / WAXED CANVAS is a No. 10 canvas woven with a shuttle loom and waxed to improve water repellency and waterproof performance. Our fabric undergoes more than double the WAX ​​impregnation process compared to general paraffin-processed canvas, so its durability is undeniable. I thought many times that it would be nice if there were other color variations, but this is the same hood used by the Self-Defense Forces, which has passed the very strict specifications of the Ministry of Defense, so only this color is woven. It is not.

A paint factory I used to work with told me about the specifications delivered by the Ministry of Defense, and they said that the paint colors for office lockers and steel shelves are subject to extremely strict quality control regarding toning and strength. That was it. He complained that the tanks and indoor office supplies that weren't the equipment of the soldiers were also overwhelmed.

There is a certainty to choose only one path, and there is a high set value that can never be compromised.

As for durability, I have a real sense of that because my car is also a two-hooded car. It's been 5-6 years since I sewed it in my atelier and made and installed the frame myself, but the tools on the carrier have never gotten wet. Rubber hoods on the market tend to condense and rust the tools, but this does not happen at all. It's breathable and waterproof, so it's probably an old-fashioned wisdom, it's really wonderful.

There are factories that specialize in making hoods, but we decided to avoid outsourcing to other companies and chose to make our own. However, even though he knew the thickness of the fabric, the size he made was quite large, so he said, "My shoulder was damaged." Well, even so, I was able to create the leather tabs and the opening and closing system with the details I wanted. I think it's finished.