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I introduced the aging of Olive Drab in the previous article, but this time I will introduce the well-used HEAD HONCHO .


It's been 2-3 years since I started using it.
The paraffin on the surface of the dough has fallen off and it has become much softer. There are many marks on the surface, and the parts that are often rubbed are discolored and slightly fuzzy.
Because it is a sample that I tried to wash in a washing machine before. If you wash it in the washing machine, it will get more marks than if you wash it by hand, giving it the appearance of being used for many years.


The surface of this fabric is treated with paraffin, so it is waterproof and can be used without worrying about stains. The fabric gradually softens with use, and the wax will gradually come off if it gets wet in the rain or is washed repeatedly.

It is recommended to remove light dirt on the surface with a brush. If you are concerned about dirt, please wash it by hand using a washing brush. The dehydration in the washing machine is short, and the color may transfer, so please be sure to wash it alone.


Right: Washed in a washing machine (used for 2-3 years)
Left: Brand new

Hand washing is recommended as a care method, but if you want to create an atmosphere that has been used for many years, you may want to try washing it in the washing machine.

HEAD HONCHO - Medium Olive Drab

HEAD HONCHO - Small Olive Drab