Shipping & Returns


raregem ONLINE STOREは全ての日本国内と海外の主要なロケーションに発送します。
raregem ONLINE STORE ships anywhere in Japan and numerous international locations.





  1. 使用された形跡が認められる場合。汚れやシワ、匂い移りなどが見られる場合。変色や移染が生じた場合。また、お客様によるクリーニングや補修をされた場合。タグやシール等付属品についても同様に汚れや破損している場合。
  2. サイズオーダーや特別仕様を承った商品、その他受注製作の商品。
  3. サイズバリエーションやカラーバリエーション等、予め返品を見越しての複数購入の場合。

Returns Policy

We will not be able to accept any exchanges or returns because of the customers' personal preferences. If there is an accident such as a difference between the order items and the delivery contents, a defective product or damage during delivery, please contact us (or the store where you purchased the product) immediately by email or phone within 5 days after the product arrives. We will prepare a replacement ASAP at free shipping. The return shipping cost of the delivered item will be refunded to the customer through PayPal or the credit card company. In addition, if the item is damaged during shipping, it may be covered by the insurance of the shipping company, so please let us know the details precisely.



[ Special notes when returns or exchanges are impossible]

If there is evidence of use. When dirt, wrinkles, odor transfer, etc. are seen. When discoloration or dye transfer occurs. Also, if the customer has cleaned or repaired it. If accessories such as tags and stickers are also dirty or damaged. Products that accept size orders and special modifications, and other made-to-order products. For multiple purchases in anticipation of returns, such as size variations and color variations.