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There is a place on the northern coast of England where you can see a splendid columnar joint. It's called Giant's Causeway. What intrigued me was that volcanic activity naturally formed hexagonal rocks that looked like pillars.
I was interested in the number 6 and the base 12 system. In terms of mathematical beauty, 6 seems to be the number of gods. Simply put, 1+2+3=6 and 1x2x3=6, the clock and the year are made up of 12 numbers, and the moon circles the earth 12 times a year. But from time immemorial, our palms have only five fingers. No one seems to be interested in such human incompetence, so I won't dig further, but the color of the rocks of the causeway that left a strong impression on me was the color that I sought for the color of this fabric.
Volcanism is planetary activity. The activity of each of the stars made by the universe. Without even looking at it in detail, what do you think you will spend 12 months thinking? Carve out a path without a road.