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Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray
Zoom Work Trousers - Blue Gray

Work Trousers - Blue Gray

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I think the longing to wear it was one of the motives that could not be ignored.
I made the shuttle loom Ichito Unsai because I wanted an apron or a work cap.
I am planning to use it to make work trousers.

Those with good intuition may have noticed that this dull shade of blue reminds me of the color I often use for steel sashes, although there are differences in shade.

I know exactly where this color came from. It's the color of Volkswagen single picks, commercial trucks, dove blue. But when I looked around me, I found other things. Triangular scale 1/30, Staedtler mechanical pencil... and the movie Deux Hommes Dans La Ville with Alain Delon and Jean Gabin. The protagonist is a hotheaded person who destroys himself... the music is also good... and in the middle of the story, the protagonist Gino wears a work coat at the printing factory where he is employed, as a symbol of becoming a man who works seriously.

When I think of the proletariat, this color is what comes to mind.

And speaking of plans, each piece is hand-stitched in the atelier.
How can this be haute couture despite being proletarian? It's strange.

These are the samples that I, Nishijo, wore almost every day for about 200 days from September to May of the following year.

I'm actually wearing them as I write this, but I started wearing them after the peak of summer had subsided and the days when temperatures exceeded 30°C had passed. That was when I started sawing lumber every day from the Obon festival in August and making furniture with the materials.

It was a pretty hard job. I was standing and squatting, sweating profusely every day while working both in the studio and on-site. I wonder what it means to have a big electric fan running at full speed, and to be left standing. I was on my knees, driving a car, and doing all the postures of a blue-collar worker.

Because I was in contact with red pine every day, these pants were permeated with the pleasant smell of red pine tar. I washed them about four times. You can see that they're starting to fade a little after 200 days. You can see the whiskers from the knees to the pockets. I think they're a good color now.

  • The blue-gray trousers are made entirely in our atelier.
  • The material used is Unsaiori, which has a supple and firm texture. Unsaiori, which is slowly woven at high density on a shuttle loom, is used for tabi soles and other items, and is extremely durable. The original blue-gray color is sulfur dyed and bio-washed. You can enjoy the color fading and change in texture over time.
  • The trousers have a deep rise, and the lower part of the waist is thick and straight, giving a relaxed silhouette. You can squat and lift your legs comfortably.
  • The front has a zip fly. We use deadstock 42TALON.
  • The waist buttons are made of bio-nylon, which is made from vegetable oils. Each buttonhole is hand-stitched.
  • The pants can be washed in a home washing machine. After spin-drying, smooth out any wrinkles and hang to dry. If the pants are very dirty, we recommend hand-washing with a brush.


Work trousers (ideas)

Work trousers (size comparison)

I tried wearing Work trousers

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Code 2024-008-WT
Materials Custom-made Unsaiori (100% cotton)
Weight About 600g (varies slightly depending on size)



size chart

26 28 32 36
waist cm 73 80 88 94
hip cm 100 108 115 124
Wading width cm 31.5 34 37 38
Rise (belt bottom) cm 28 29 29.5 30.5
Back rise (belt bottom) cm 36 37 38.5 40
inseam cm 71 71 75.5 80
Hem width cm 22 23.5 25 26.5



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Work Trousers - Blue Gray


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