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Zoom 2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small
Zoom 2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small
Zoom 2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small
Zoom 2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small
Zoom 2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small
Zoom 2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small
Zoom 2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small
Zoom 2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small
Zoom 2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small
Zoom 2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small
Zoom 2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small
Zoom 2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small

2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small

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I sometimes take the Shinkansen on business trips. Kyoto, Osaka, Kurashiki, and this range of places can be made into a one-day trip if I depart from Tokyo at 07:00. I don't stay overnight, so I have one tote bag about this size.
I don't put it on the nether inside the car. It's made at a good height to put it on my lap, and when I close the zip, I can put my iPhone there and it fits nicely. It's also convenient for charging and such. So I like to keep it at my feet.
I'm not a fan of working on a computer on the train, so at best I can read a book. I've decided to keep it in a pocket that's easy to quickly retrieve, so I can sit deeper with the peace of mind that it's there when I reach for it. It's peaceful to have a place for my printed schedule, notepad, and pens, too.


The tote bag is fully equipped with all the necessary features.
The body is stiff enough to stand firmly on its own and thick enough to protect the contents. The short handle is stable and easy to hold, while the long handle makes use of the suppleness of the cotton belt, so you can hang it on your shoulder for long trips.
The bottom is double-soled with waterproof canvas that does not show dirt even when placed casually. The mouth of the bag is closed with a standard zip closure and can be easily accessed without opening it. Outside, a deep tucked pocket provides peace of mind that contents will not fall out, and a special place for pens. Inside, a large flat pocket provides a place for important items that tend to get lost in the spacious interior.


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Body:H330mm W400mm D170mm
Bottom width:290mm
Short handle:230mm
Long handle:630mm

Code 2023-015

Body:Custom-made #4 canvas (100% cotton)
Handle: Custom-made herringbone tape (100% cotton)
Bottom:BK・DN / #9 breathable waterproof canvas (100% cotton)
     OD / #10 breathable waterproof canvas (100% cotton)

Weight 720g



This product uses unprocessed and undyed fabric called “Kibata”. Kibata is a fabric that has just been woven. Please be aware of the color and texture of the finished product may vary slightly depending on the lot of the fabric.

The bottom fabric has a paraffin finish to make it waterproof. Due to the nature of the material, please do not wash or iron. Please note that color migration and color fading may occur if the item is rubbed strongly. If you are concerned about stains, wipe gently with a cloth soaked in neutral detergent diluted in water and wrung out tightly. When drying, hang dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place.


Regarding delivery

Our shipping method is EMS. The shipping charge is calculated based on gross weight. The shipping charges will be added at the time of payment. If for some reason we are unable to ship by EMS, we will change to another shipping company. In that case, we may charge additional shipping fees.

2WAY TOTE BAG Dale's - Small


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