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Zoom Bread Serving Basket - High
Zoom Bread Serving Basket - High
Zoom Bread Serving Basket - High
Zoom Bread Serving Basket - High
Zoom Bread Serving Basket - High
Zoom Bread Serving Basket - High
Zoom Bread Serving Basket - High
Zoom Bread Serving Basket - High

Bread Serving Basket - High

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I was impressed by how the texture of bread, which I used to eat casually, can be completely changed with a little ingenuity. It's a baguette thing. I wrote about it on Instagram before.
At that time, I felt that ingredients can change to the extent that they are similar to each other, depending on how they are preserved and how they are cooked. The word that comes to mind is value. Even if you buy bread that you can find anywhere at the supermarket at the foot of the mountain, it will be surprisingly delicious if you bake it over an open fire or a wood stove. It seems that there is an important secret in the process of things. When I looked it up in the dictionary, it was written that the fee is the purpose of the action performed with intention.
When I look back on my field of work, I notice something that comes to mind. The materials for making furniture, the quality of flooring materials for walking barefoot and lying down, how are such things made? It was a matter that I, who is process-oriented, was very particular about.

It would be an exaggeration to say that what takes place on the dining table is your final performance of handling the ingredients prepared by the farmer who plows the soil and sows the seeds. Why don't you think of it like this, it's a finishing touch to thank you for what you've received from the chain of feelings.
Even if the bread is the same as usual, if you change the way you bake it, put it in a basket when you take it out and wrap it with a napkin like a gown at the dining table. It will be even tastier.


High-Medium is for three-dimensional bread and dining tables with many people.
High-Short is deep and compact. To the dining table for a small number of people.


If you purchase the Bread Serving Basket and KITCHEN CLOTH as a set, you can save more money than buying them individually.



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Dimension Short : H115mm W240mm D160mm Bottom width 200mm
Medium: H115mm W290mm D165mm  bottom width 255mm
About 470 x 650mm
Code 2023-007
Materials Bread Serving Basket: Custom-made #4 canvas (100% cotton), thick sheeting (100% cotton)
KITCHEN CLOTH: linen 100%
Weight Short : 105g
Medium: 130g


This product uses unprocessed and undyed fabric called “Kibata”. Kibata is a fabric that has just been woven. Please be aware of the color and texture of the finished product may vary slightly depending on the lot of the fabric.

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Bread Serving Basket - High


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