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Magnetic brass pegs. Due to the strong magnetic force, you can keep multiple notes on it, and you can also hang shirts and hats. You can enjoy the change over time because of the solid brass with a polished finish. Uses neodymium magnets.

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Dimension H50mm φ30mm
Code GD-010
Materials Body: brass
Magnet: Neodymium magnet
Weight 75g


This product uses a neodymium magnet.
The magnetic force is very strong, so please be careful not to pinch your fingers or skin when attaching.
Do not use if you have implanted medical electronic devices such as cardiac pacemakers.
The memory contents may be destroyed if it is brought close to precision equipment such as electronic devices and clocks. Also, keep it away from things that don't like magnetism, such as credit cards.
The load capacity varies depending on the condition of the mounting surface. Please check carefully before installation.
It will be delivered by land transportation (sea mail). Please note that it may take some time before delivery depending on the delivery area.

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