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Zoom FLAT POUCH “Continental” - Small Charcoal Gray
Zoom FLAT POUCH “Continental” - Small Charcoal Gray
Zoom FLAT POUCH “Continental” - Small Charcoal Gray
Zoom FLAT POUCH “Continental” - Small Charcoal Gray
Zoom FLAT POUCH “Continental” - Small Charcoal Gray

FLAT POUCH “Continental” - Small Charcoal Gray

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I usually only use cars for transportation, but when I go on a business trip for work, I take the train. Well, that opportunity is so rare that even if I'm standing on the subway in Tokyo with my strap on, I'm suddenly reminded of foreign countries. Riding the train is connected to special memories. From the window of a cheap second-class train, I was staring at the scenery of southern France until I got tired of it. Dirty Paris. Venice. Dhaka. Karachi. If you want to get off, get off and walk tobotobo. Feeling unbearable. The locals who are working are busily manipulating their motorcycles and cars, and for some reason I envy them. It's dazzling to see people working on a mission, even though they're trying to get away from their daily lives and take it easy. Should I continue my journey like this, or should I return to where I belong? It's s necessary organizer for travelers moving between continents.



It is a flat pouch with no gusset.
By riveting the zipper tab, it is easy to pick up and pull with your fingers.

#8 canvas with charcoal sulfide dyed is finished with one wash. The deep color has a unique tension and texture, and the more you use it, the more it grows.


[regular size]
It is large enough to be used as a bag-in-bag, an organizational pouch for travel, or as a clutch bag for storing wallets and notebooks.
[Small size]
As a pouch for everyday use, it is a compact size that fits neatly in your bag.


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Dimension H135mm W240mm
Code 2022-005-CG
Materials Custom-made high temperature washed #8 canvas (100% cotton)
Zipper: Gold (Material: Brass)
Hardware: Custom-made copper rivets

Weight 70g



The fabric was sulfide dyed. Due to the characteristics of dyeing, there may be some uneven dyeing. The color may fade due to strong friction, so please be careful when wearing it with white or light colored items.

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FLAT POUCH “Continental” - Small Charcoal Gray


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