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Eight years have passed since the previous THE “BALLAST” BOOKBAG, and a new bag for those who carry books” has been completed.

This time, we will introduce the production process and details that cannot be introduced on the product page.

" Cista " using #4canvas and 4.2mm thick tanned leather. Each part is also made by hand.



When it comes to carrying books, you need a suitable load bearing capacity. The parts on both sides where the shoulder straps are attached are sewn with the main body of the bag in between so that they can withstand the weight.
This part is difficult to sew with a sewing machine, so it is all hand sewn. By hand-stitching each stitch, the threads are less likely to fray, resulting in a more sturdy construction.


The process of the sewing machine and hand sewing is repeated to sew.

Natural tanned leather is prone to water stains and scratches, so it is necessary to be very careful not to scratch it even during the sewing stage.


In producing a new model this time, Erik's request was to have a large pocket on the outside of the bag. In addition, the pocket should be a specification that can be opened and closed with a button.
A book can be stored in the front pocket, and it has an exquisite volume so that it does not open too much when the button is opened. In addition, we devised how to attach the button so that it is easy to open and close.


When the zipper is fully opened, it falls inside the bag and does not get in the way when you take things in and out. In addition, it is designed to be easy to take out from the inner pocket even when the ship is open.


The canvas gradually softens as it is used for a long time, but in order to maintain its firm shape even after long use, ropes are inserted in the top of the bag on the front and back. In addition, when sewing with the sides, by putting the stitches on one side, it gives a feeling of tension as if the four pillars are standing on the bag. The bottom part uses a paraffin processed canvas with a water repellent effect. Water does not easily seep through the bottom, so you can carry it around without worrying about it getting dirty.



You can carry newspapers, magazines, mufflers, etc. on the back.



Please refer to this article. We introduce how to care for CISTA and how tanned leather changes over time.