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in a cashless era


Looking sideways at the surging wave of cashless payments, we now want coin purses.
When I go for a walk on the riverbed, or when I stay at an inn and go to the bathroom, I still can't let go of my change.
After all, you might want to eat ice cream, and the changing room in the bath is a coin locker that allows you to return your money, so you can't resist the temptation of coffee milk.
Even if you drive by car, it takes three 100-yen coins per hour to park on the road in the city. So coin purse.

An oval shape that fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to grip. When you open the zip, the coins line up neatly and are easy to see.
The stiff and firm cowhide is thinly skimmed to give it a wrinkled and well-used texture. The zipper is a reprinted version of Talon (lock type that is raised and pulled, does not open naturally).
And since I really like the shape of it, I also made a slightly larger pouch for cards (after all, there are cards in it).
I think a set of two connected by a ball chain would be good. Cards and coins can be used as they are, or they can be separated and used separately.
The bigger one is the wife, and the smaller one is the husband (domestic power relationship). I'm working on a new work while thinking about it. Hmmm.