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for shopping bag refugees

I've always wanted a shopping bag.

(Thin, light, and opaque, but with a tightly woven fabric that holds up to its weight and hardness, it does not get cheaply wrinkled and can withstand repeated washings.) Use high-quality materials
(It can be used by both men and women. It is large enough to be held in one hand. The handle is long enough to be worn on the shoulder. The mouth can be easily closed. The mechanism for folding it into a small size is integrated. The mechanism for closing the mouth can also be used as a folding mechanism.) Structure bag.

Most of these issues were resolved, and a prototype was created. I usually fold it small and put it in my rucksack, and when I go shopping at the supermarket, my husband carries the inflated bag. Throw it over your shoulder. put it in the car.
When I get home and take out the ingredients, I fold it again and put it in my backpack. Machine wash when dirty.
After repeating this for a month, it has a nice texture and is easy to use.
I want you to put one in your bag. I want to commercialize it.