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The loveliness of surplus cloth



A drawstring bag made from parts left over from cutting Yessily.
Every time I cut the main body, this shape that always appears, I kept all the Yessiries I made so far. Cloth cut out between the handles. I was wondering if I could do something someday.
For example, when I made donuts, I always thought that Marumaru-chan in the middle would be fried as well.

How about this drawstring bag? It also has a pocket for storing shopping notes as a bag to put your wallet in when your child goes out with Yessily.
When I drive to the supermarket on my way home from work, I pop in my Brillo and Yessily, and always have my parking ticket in my pocket (I have a criminal record that I lost twice).
This is a spin-off from Yessily, both in name and reality.