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Zoom Scoop Walnut / Galvanized steel
Zoom Scoop Walnut / Galvanized steel
Zoom Scoop Walnut / Galvanized steel
Zoom Scoop Walnut / Galvanized steel
Zoom Scoop Walnut / Galvanized steel
Zoom Scoop Walnut / Galvanized steel

Scoop Walnut / Galvanized steel

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The decorative carvings are discreet and turned on a lathe for ease of grip and balance. Even when scooping with a full blade, I think it can handle the exquisite sense of weighing. The weight and capacity make it easy to handle grains, flour, coffee beans, etc. Also for livestock and farmers, those who handle pellet stoves in winter, and when serving dry pet food.

Both items are ground from the same material, so the wood grain is very similar, but there is a distinctive feature on the back of the blade.

ITEM A No mark on the back of the blade

ITEM B blade back iron plate serial number available


Produced/Written/Designed by Ken Saijo Rare Gem Co., Ltd.

Dimension Blade Width φ90mm (3 1/2inch)
Blade Length 136mm (6inch)
Handle Length 200mm (8inch)
Code 2022-GD-012

Natural oil finished walnut solid wood
Galvanized steel JFE t0.35 galvanized steel plate






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Scoop Walnut / Galvanized steel


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