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 Someone who likes to look for things they have never seen before and enter into worlds they have never known before.
Or, you have a comfortable world somewhere, and you enjoy going there.
After writing all this, I suddenly realized that the KANJI word "人(person)" represents a walking figure. Bipedal walking, huh?
If we had not lost our tails, I wonder if I would have written another one. Oops, I had inadvertently looked for something I had never seen before. Let's refrain from further exploration.
Well, wherever you are going to wander, I recommend that you be prepared with what you are taking with you.
One always thinks of those who hope their time will come. To pack and take off.
For wild destinations, waterproof fabrics should be useful.


Breathable waterproof canvas made of No. 10 canvas coated with paraffin. This special fabric is coated twice with paraffin to enhance its waterproof property, and is characterized by its unique firmness and moist texture. The interior divider is removable.
This product uses dead stock SCOVILL zippers made in the United States. The rugged design of the slider and elements and the deep green tape are impressive.
The rivets on the body and left and right tabs are original copper rivets. The tabs are not only easy to grip when opening and closing, but also function as hooks for attaching straps.



Olive Drab (ideas)

Model size: 171cm


Body : H90mm W230mm D95mm
Bottom width : 120mm
Partition: H90mm W70mm D90mm
Shoulder Strap: L 770 - 1300mm W 12mm

Code 2023-011

Body: #10 breathable waterproof canvas (100% cotton)
Back belt: 
Custom-made herringbone tape (100% cotton)
Shoulder strap: Custom-made herringbone tape (100% cotton)

metal fittings : custom-made copper rivets, dead stock SCOVILL zipper


Body: 115g
Partition: 34g
Shoulder strap: 71g



The fabric has a paraffin finish to make it waterproof. Due to the nature of the material, please do not wash or iron. Please note that color migration and color fading may occur if the item is rubbed strongly. If you are concerned about stains, wipe gently with a cloth soaked in neutral detergent diluted in water and wrung out tightly. When drying, hang dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place.

 This product uses vintage deadstock zippers.

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