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Well, it's time to go pick up some firewood.

If you go looking for it, bring your gloves, hand saw, and this log carrier. Break the branches you pick up on the spot or cut them to a certain length, and then look around one after another. Somewhat dry branches and twigs with cedar leaves are good while walking in a quiet forest.

The log carrier has a folding structure, so you can put long items by folding only one side.

Convenient to store long items. Jackets, helmets, handsaws, machetes, axes, towels... You can put all kinds of things in it, and you can also attach a strap to carry it. Also, our waxed canvas is waterproof.

There are people who want to move points by car while wearing waders or wet clothes, right? Lay it under your buttocks and use it as a seat cover and you'll be fine. Sheets do not get dirty.

It would be nice to take it to the vegetable garden and bring home the vegetables with the soil still attached, or it would be useful to go pick wild vegetables. It's convenient because it can be used as a rug if you want to take a break.

Recommended for active outings.




It has enough storage capacity for the tools that are active in the outdoors. You can also spread it out and put it under your body.


The size is just right for collecting and carrying firewood and branches.


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Olive Drab (ideas)

Dimension Body: H190mm W750mm D205mm
Bottom width: 570mm
Handle: 305mm
Code 2023-006

Body: #10 breathable waterproof canvas (100% cotton)Handle: Custom-made herringbone tape (100% cotton)metal fittings : Brass, custom-made copper rivetst

Weight 480g


The fabric has a paraffin finish to make it waterproof. Due to the nature of the material, please do not wash or iron. Please note that color migration and color fading may occur if the item is rubbed strongly. If you are concerned about stains, wipe gently with a cloth soaked in neutral detergent diluted in water and wrung out tightly. When drying, hang dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place.


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