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Zoom BITTE - Small Plain
Zoom BITTE - Small Plain
Zoom BITTE - Small Plain
Zoom BITTE - Small Plain
Zoom BITTE - Small Plain
Zoom BITTE - Small Plain
Zoom BITTE - Small Plain
Zoom BITTE - Small Plain
Zoom BITTE - Small Plain
Zoom BITTE - Small Plain
Zoom BITTE - Small Plain

BITTE - Small Plain

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Shoulder bag "BITTE" with a short handle. The material is #8 canvas that has undergone high-temperature washing. It has a firm thickness, yet has a softness to it. The shoulder strap is wide and easy to carry on the shoulder, and the length can be adjusted. The short handle assembled with the original thick herringbone tape is easy to grip and has a sense of stability. A clean and spacious interior with a functional inner pocket. The snap is an original button made of brass, and the atmosphere will change over time. Fully washable.

Small can store A4 size files and documents in portrait orientation. 1 small inner pocket. The compact size makes it recommended for everyday use by both men and women.


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BITTE shoulder strap (ideas)

Model size: Male / 171cm Female / 161cm

Body: H310mm W350mm D140mm
Bottom width: 250mm
Handle: 155mm
Shoulder strap: 360-1080mm
Body: Custom-made high temperature washed #8 canvas (100% cotton)
Handle: Custom-made herringbone tape (100% cotton)
Shoulder strap surface: Custom-made high temperature washed #8 canvas (100% cotton)g; Back: Herringbone tape (100% cotton)
Metal fittings: Brass wire clasp, custom-made brass snap button



This product uses unprocessed and undyed fabric called “Kibata”. Kibata is a fabric that has just been woven. After weaving, this fabric is subjected to a high-temperature wash process. Please be aware of the color and texture of the finished product may vary slightly depending on the lot of the fabric.

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BITTE - Small Plain


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